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On, you can download fonts for free and use them on your site to design headlines, quotes, paragraphs, lists, or other text elements. The proposed kits are also easy to install on MacOS, Windows, and Linux or Photoshop, Figma, Sketch, and Adobe InDesign. If you have never encountered the installation of font collections, read the detailed instructions.

For the convenience of selecting fonts on the portal works selection by categories and an intelligent search engine. When text is entered into a field, a special program looks for real-time sets with a keyword in the title. If there is a collection in the database, a list of links appears in the drop-down area. Clicking on any of them automatically redirects to a page with a detailed description of the family.

Each font has its own separate page, where all available styles are presented in a visual form. If you used the kit before, be sure to rate the quality. Simply click on the icon with a raised or down finger. Your voice will help colleagues, webmasters and web users to better understand the value of a particular collection.

To download the family you like, click on the download button. After clicking, a window opens with a proposal to provide material or "social" assistance. Since the site does not operate on a commercial basis, our team will be glad to any donations. In the absence of the opportunity to transfer money, share a link to the portal in popular social networks.

The archives downloaded from the site contain not only font styles in the formats TTF, EOT, WOFF and WOFF2. Additionally, you will find stylesheet.css file with pre-defined styles for connecting via @ font-face to your site. Thanks to this, you don’t have to spend time writing the rules yourself.

Although fonts are constantly being added to the portal, due to the limited resources of the administration, it is difficult to keep track of all the updates. You will be very helpful if you send a name or a link to a set that is not in the catalog. Click "Suggest Font", and then fill out and submit the form. Add your recommended collection as soon as possible.

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Corporative Soft Alt

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Corporative Soft

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Corporative Sans Rounded Condensed

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Corporative Sans Rounded

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Corporative Sans Alt

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Corporative Sans

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Corporative Alt

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LL Brown

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Magnetic Pro

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Gosha Sans

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P22 FLW Terracotta

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